This was so much fun to draw :D I love this screencap (from sailormoonscreencaps) and have been meaning to re-draw it for a while!

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Makoto sempaiiii ♥♥ 


Makoto sempaiiii  

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Am I the only one who assumes that Queen Serenity’s hair is silver because she is really old?



actual badass makoto kino aka sailor jupiter

if ur into sailor moon and u dont like her we cant be friends

A photoset that perfectly expresses Maplebunnie

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I meant to make a post for mars day, but it didn’t happen. I don’t really get mars, and although I have a few beginnings of ideas, I didn’t have anything really insightful to say. I want to think more about it and maybe come up with something later, but fornow, I didn’t want the day to go unmarked, even if it is a day late.